Super Woman Syndrome

A couple of weeks ago, a friend said to me… Find whats in your heart and write. You have it, just dig deeper. So here goes….

After waking up at 2 am with excruiating pain, yes the kind of pain, where you feel like your legs are going to fall off, with every breath you feel the nerves going from your lower back to your shoulders and back down, I knew I had to get up and write.

Prior to May 2012, I was doing great.. I could be Super Woman then a MVA, hit from behind. People said your going to feel it the next day, I said, Nah, I’ll be ok. What they didn’t say is your going to feel it months after. I have my good days and bad days…

When does the mind finally get  together with the body and agree on the same thing, is there such a thing?  Mind says, Hurry Hurry Body says SLOW DOWN 

I am the  type of person that doesn’t slow down, I try and GO GO GO *thanks Jake and the Backyardigans*  I suffer from Superwoman Syndrome.  I try and do it all, I want to do it all and I will do it all, even if its going to kill me.

Yesterday, there were things that needed to be done around here and who else to do them except Superwoman herself. BIG MISTAKE.  Lesson 1, dont over do it.. Lesson 2, Listen to your body and Lesson 3, take a break when needed.

I know in the past I have written about Running, Planking getting out there and moving but let’s take it back a little… One of my goals is to motivate you but I realize that its not the ones that are doing the 5k’s, the ones that are able to swim laps or the ones that are able to plank. My motivation is  needed for those that are suffering, that want to get out there and move and finding difficulty with every step they take.

The ones that have minds like me, that refuse to give up, slow down or even give up.  We are just going to have to change our way of thinking somewhat and keep on pushing, but in a different way. We can’t give up altogether, thats not going to work. Some people give up when they realize they can’t do it all, and Giving Up is not in my Vocabulary….

So as I say, One breath, One step and One day at a time… We can and we will do this together.



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