Running for Pleasure

Are you a runner? Have you ever ran a 5k, 3.1 miles, I believe.   You would be surprised how much fun and somewhat easy it is… Just put on a headset with your favorite music and GO!!  If you are  a first time runner or walker, don’t forget to stretch those muscles, drink lots of water and even add the Neuro to make it taste better and add some extra ZING to your steps. Pace yourself as you walk or run.  Doesn’t matter if your first or last as long as you finish…

If you are  in Provo Utah, This looks like my kind of race… Provo Halloween Half Marathon

But seriously look into races in your area sign up and go and have some fun.. Great way to meet other people and to support other causes…  Dont forget your Vi though… You’ll need extra energy and no better way and easier than a Healthy great tasting shake.

I want to know more about Visalus

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