Living the Simple Life

Growing up as a Country girl on a farm in Illinois wasn’t always easy, but now that I look back.. those were the days.  Getting up in the early morning watching the Farm Report with my daddy and growing the beans and radishes and anything else that they decided to plant, was always the highlight of my days. We were fortunate to live right next to a Corn field, and my mom would always make fresh corn bread.

At the age of 18, I wanted nothing more than to escape the Boring Country life. I wanted it all, I had to see it all and people say grass isnt always greener on the other side.. Well, I should have listened.. But if I didn’t go on my path of life that God decided to put me on, I would have never met my wonderful husband.

Fast forward many years to now… Seems like just yesterday but when you push through all the heartache and finally make it to where your supposed to be, you think it was a long rough road but I made it. Back to the Simple life. Green grass, country fields and easy way of living. Was it worth the journey? Yes, it was… Would I do it again? There’s about 15 years of my life I could do without, with exception to my boys, but Yes I would…  **Correction, I have to also include three beautiful girls that I had as  my stepdaughters…

Know that whatever your going through at this moment in time, that seems like an impossible journey, life will get better. As long as you believe in yourself, listen to your inner self and have faith in the higher powers you will and accomplish anything. One breath, one step and one day at a time.. 🙂

* This is the beginning of a new life, new future and easy living. Thank you Visalus for allowing me the opportunity to make my dreams come true…

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