Rising up from underneath the sweat and tears

Going through life, our parent’s can’t wait until we hit the walking milestones, then they are eager for us to go back to school, graduation, getting our first job, finding someone to share our lives with so we can move out of their house and then start being in control of our own lives.

We are anxious to date, anxious to be on our own, to get our first car and house and a family of our own and then the cycle begins. We start having kids and the same rotation hits us…. WAIT!!!!

What happened to us? What happened to our lives? Seems like we are living our lives for every one else and not just for us anymore. We begin thinking that it doesn’t matter if we get up and exercise or take care of ourselves. Who do we see, who see’s us? Who care’s about us? Those are all question’s that used to run through my mind. Caring starts right in your own heart… Only when you care and start to heal yourself then you can move forward to heal and help others.

Begin to heal now, Begin to take strides in making a better life for yourself, it’s never to late… JUST START

For so long, I lived life through the eyes of my kids and others. I lost myself along the way. My dreams were gone and thrown to the side. It seems like my days went by living helping others, which wasn’t bad but I was working for someone else, making someone else rich.

I sat around in sweats and tears, not caring what I looked like or how I dressed. What happened to me?

Then one morning, something snapped… Hey, if I wasn’t taking care of me, who was? The kids now had their own life and friends seemed to go on their merry way. So it was up to me to get myself out there and if I wanted to be somebody, I had to create my own dreams. If I was going to succeed, it had to be because I wanted it and I had to be willing to work for it.

So off I went, I found something that I was truly happy with while still helping others and making good money. I started dressing myself up and looked in the mirror and remembered who I was and what I stood for. I became me!!!

I always tell others, You have to have attitude, believe that your good enough. It doesnt matter what others think, they dont live your life. You are what makes you happy and you must do everything and anything to find that place to bring joy to your days…. I remember after many years of abuse, I was driving down the road and something made me laugh.. I listened and thought, Hey, I just giggled.. which I didnt do for a very long time and then realized it was ok… It was ok to laugh,  I deserved it. I deserved happiness and respect.

Now I have a wonderful support system, my husband and friends. Surrounding myself with love and kindness is all it took to me to get me moving. I am now looking forward to getting healthy and fit and to become someone that I can rely on, look up to and to  depend on….That person is  ME!!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you friends, family and Visalus 



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