There are never Goodbyes only See you laters

Today as we lay a very special friend to rest, I have to sit and think back from the very first time that I met James and the family. It was an immediate connection between the family and our family. From Karaoke to James father being R’s best man at our wedding and watching James grow from 11 years old on…. From spending time with him in the pool and watching mom freak and then seeing the smile on his face because he knew he accomplished something. To James fascination when R would do his magic tricks and wanting more more more. When James would give you a hug, you knew he meant it from the bottom of his heart and I had never seen anything but happiness from him.

As life goes on and as we get older, does life ever really stop or are we just going to another place where I like to imagine fields full of daisies, only happiness and never sorrow.  What happens to the families that are left to grieve?  We go on with a void in our heart, but I was always told Their body may not be here, but their spirit lives on forever. In our hearts, when you see that special butterfly get a little closer, when you feel that little brush against your cheek or when you feel the presence as if someone is watching over your shoulder. Know that your loved one lives on through your memories and pictures.

So are there Goodbyes? I dont like to think so… There are only See you laters, someday we will meet again and am I going to give you the biggest hug ever and then, I will tell you all the secrets to the magic tricks… Love you bunches….. RIP James Graziano… You brought happiness to my life!!

One thought on “There are never Goodbyes only See you laters

  1. James not only lives on in the 2 people that got new kidneys..the one that got a new liver and the one that gained sight..but he lives in our hearts..James was and will always be special to me..The magic lives on..

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