Active and Overweight

Ever look in the mirror and say, “What the heck happened?” Theres a wrinkle here and wrinkle there, a pound added on here and a pounded on there.  I recently was asked to borrow my face, No not take it off so someone else could use it but I was to be the canvas of an artist, a Mary Kay artist.  I agreed and WOW…. My 20 year old face was not staring back at me any more, it was my mothers face… Which she was beautiful, don’t get me wrong but I want MY face.  I want the younger me but I guess it’s time to face reality… Those days are gone. 

So Miss April showed me all the right things to do and how I could take care of my skin better, living in Florida, I must moisturize… I don’t need any more crows feet then I already have.  Ok, so that takes care of my facial skin, now what about the rest of me… As we all know as we age our body begins to slow down… I refuse to slow down, I want to go go go!!!

With Thyroid Disease and Diabetes, the body doesn’t always want to go go go!! Personally, I don’t to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life and Thank goodness, I found Metabawake...I have my 20 year old energy back and feel better then ever.

The Thyroid turns out to be a pretty important part of your body and doing some research I found out that many people suffer from thyroid issues, from Oprah to Jillian Michaels, which is one of my idols…. I want the perfect body, but with that perfection takes work. It takes proper diet, proper nutrients and vitamins and sleep. It also takes being in tune with your body…. We have such a habit of living day by day, doing what needs to be done that many of us don’t listen to our bodies. If you find something wrong or not feeling up to par, slow down do some research and then make an appt for your Physician.  If he prescribes meds, ask him Why do I need to take these, What will they do to me, any side effects and if there isn’t something natural that you can get at the health food store that will do the same thing. Become Proactive in your health!

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