Writers Blockage

Anyone suffer from Writers Blockage? It seems I can write on face book all day long, but when it comes to writing a blog. I get blockage of the brain… So again, I am starting this blog with encouragement from my good friend Donna… So here goes:

As you go through life, remember these words… One breath at a time, one step at a time and one day at a time.
Live life one day at a time, these days people are so busy trying to take care of this or that, trying to do bigger and better, trying to compete with the Jones and I seriously think that’s how people got into the mess they are in… Whatever happened to living the simple easy life. So you don’t have the biggest house, the fanciest car or the bank account full of money. So what?

Do you have your health? Are you living comfortably? Do you have food on your table? Then you have everything you need.  Recently hubby decided that he wanted to try his hand at aquaponics and I thought cool… Growing food by water and fish sounds pretty interesting to me. After all, my favorite place when I go to Epcot is Living off the land. Daddy didnt raise no dummy. He gave me his green thumb capabilities and personally  I hate grocery shopping any more. I hate spending my money on something that may have altered with GMO and that scares me. Why spend money when we can grow our own? Hubby said yesterday be sure to grow more veggies then flowers. He knows I love my colors and my flowers.

It only took me 48 years to see what my daddy and hubby has been trying to teach me all these years but you know what …. I am me and living within my means and I am enjoying it.  So as I go on my journey with the greenhouse and living the simple life, I invite you on my journey’s…


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