Growing up in Illinois, we went camping as often as we could. Our favorite place was Lake Shelbyville… Fishing, swimming, camping and the good ole campfires was the times I remember.  One camping trip that I will always remember is horseback riding out west with my grandma and aunts…  wake up in the morning, jump in the old white station wagon and off the road we went. May have been cramped but as long as we were together, it was a great time.

So as time passed and I am beginning to be able to set my own hours and not having to work my tush off, we are getting back into the camping mode again. May not be in Illinois but as long as you have good friends, good food and a good campfire, it doesn’t matter where life takes you as long as your together…  I eventually want to find more camping spots other then the one we seem to go to all the time but that will happen soon enough. Guess Grandma Betty had me spoiled, if its not KOA we aren’t staying.


If you have any favorite camping blogs, campgrounds or just good campfire stories…. feel free to share them…

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