My accomplishments


People ask me why did you get into Vi and here’s my story. Of course, I got into for health reasons, weight loss, diabetes, low iron, hypothyroidism and just feeling run down and miserable and THANK YOU Vi for helping with that but my main reason is that I knew I was capable of so much more. I wasn’t happy working for someone else, I knew the person inside me was wanting to burst out but how when she came from an abusive relationship, had low self esteem and didn’t believe in herself. Honestly, I was tired of living someone else’s dream. So when I was offered to join Visalus and the very words that were said to me, “I know what your capable of and I know you can do it” I knew it was time to take back me, my dreams and my future.
Little by little, I started coming back, one bag at a time and one dream at a time. I was blessed by receiving this awesome Vi opportunity and I will share it with everyone. Believe me, I’m not done yet and I won’t be until I help every single person that is saying, “Hey what about me? Don’t I deserve a chance to be happy and free?” and I am saying “Yes you do deserve it, grab my hand and we will do it together” and all I can say is “Hang on, your in for the ride of your life and you will do things you never thought you could accomplish. Believe!!!!



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