Setting limits

Good morning, are you setting limits on yourself? Say I can, I will and just try and stop me. Push your mind and body as far as possible and you will be surprised just how far you go.

Are you stopping yourself before you even get started? Never set a limit, get the mindset that anything is possible. Your asking what if I fail? I say so what… You get back up and either you try again or go to something that makes you happy. You are not a failure, remember God don’t make junk and he is there every step of the way. Sorry, don’t want to get into the religion with you. Whoever you believe in to help you get through the day, that’s who you ask for help. The higher power is there to guide you. 

True story, I was in a very bad relationship many moons ago and I knew I had to escape. I prayed for help, and the next day I knew what I had to do. I made plans, contacted people and found the strength that I needed to go…. So the moral to this story is when you think your down on your luck, you have no one to turn to and you need help. You look within, you believe that you can do anything and you NEVER give up on yourself. Anything is possible.

Find out your why…… what makes YOU tick, what do you want out of life? Then go for it and say YES I CAN AND YES I WILL!!!


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