In search of

I am in search of three people who want to get Healthy, build lean muscle and to lose weight. I lost 40 lbs with Visalus and have more energy than ever. I am playing Volleyball, Belly Dancing, Jazzercise and so many other things and this is all in a week.

Click on Taking back MY life and then go HERE to sign the guestbook. First three that do and leaves a message here on your WHY, I will send a FREE sample of Visalus shake mix to help jump-start  your day..

Friends have been asking me what happens when you lose your weight, do you go off of the shakes. I say, Why would you want to? Since being with Visalus, I hardly ever step in a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, which saves on a bunch of money.  I make more money then ever working with anything or anyone else.  I now drive a BMW..  I have made more friends and I don’t lug big bulky things into a home show or party, hoping that there will be enough people there to buy to make my night worth while.

Visalus is a win win situation both for those trying to get healthy and those that are trying to make extra money.

Feel free to ask any questions, I am here for you!!

My motto is: I refuse to let my friends, customers or team fail!!  Losing weight is a TEAM EFFORT.. Know that you are not alone !!

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