What a Girl wants

What does a girl want? For some reason, I have that song going through my head this morning. So I ask you what does a girl or woman want out of life? To be loved, to be accepted, to have lots of money.. What drives you to success or what do you want?

Two years ago, all I wanted was to be happy and healthy. I went through school for medical which ended a Big Flop. But if you know me personally, you know I DONT GIVE UP! I keep going until I find something that fits.  I found Visalus or Body By Vi and started working the product. Be a product of the product is what I was always told.   So that went very well… I could drink shakes all day long, they are that yummy. So the next step of the adventure was to start making some serious money. Again, if you know me, I don’t sit still.. I have to be doing something all the time. When I first started seeing my weekly checks come in and doubling and tripling. I said, I’m onto something here and then I said if I can do this then others can too.  So I am building my team of healthy people…

Yes, I am diabetic and yes I have thyroid disease. This is what caused me to be over 200 lbs at one time.  If I can do it so can you!!!! Recently, I was told that I was a nicer Jillian Michaels.  Love Jillian Michaels, by the way… Shes one of my idols.

I push, motivate and get you off your bootie! There is no I can’t, I won’t or any negative words in our vocabulary… Those are words that keep you down… One day at a time and one step at a time is my motto…..

Some people are saying, I don’t feel good and I don’t have energy. I understand this.. I was once there but since being on the 90 day Challenge I have more energy then ever. Life is not living me, I am living it.


*Will add pictures soon

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