Hello world!

Welcome to Shaking off the pounds!!!  I love Jazzercise, walking and many different forms of exercise and hope to help people get motivated to join the Challenge.

So your sitting at  the computer and wondering how do I get started.. The only thing I can say is Stand up, Stretch, grab that ipod or other type of music and start dancing. Who cares if you look silly.. The sillier the better.  Get the kids on the move, see who can do the silliest dance. Run around the block, take them swimming. You will thank yourself later when its time for them to go to bed and they beg to go to sleep.

If your one that doesn’t feel good, then lets start getting proper nutrition in your body. It makes all the difference, believe me.  I started by doing everything imaginable to lose weight and nothing clicked until I hit Visalus. Now I am both Healthy and Wealthy…

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